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Thank you very much for coming to this blog on teaching English games. I hope you enjoy the teaching tips you read here and that they give you renewed enthusiasm for being a teacher. If you are new to teaching English the fun games and tips are sure to be a big help.

I created this blog because I have seen just how badly English as a second language is taught. Children come out of YEARS of ESL lessons and cannot say a WORD! Apart perhaps from “Hello.” and “My name is Shelley.” This is so ridiculous but many teachers are doing their best with the resources that they have and yet these are not working effectively.

There are so many reasons why using games in class help ESL students learn better there is not room to list them all here right now, but think about these for starters:

ESL Games give a meaningful context to the language

Speaking games allow students to practise what they are learning

ESL Games tap into all the different learning styles which aids retention

English Games allow for language to be drilled in fun ways

ESL Games can diffuse tension between students

They can be used to usefully fill a gap if you finish a class early

ESL Games are ideal to usefully use the time if not all of your students have arrived to class yet

English Games are very effective for learning large amounts of vocabulary quickly

ESL Games are fantastic for revising vocabulary and grammar effectively

Language Games make students appreciate you more and feel closer to you

A good selection of games cuts your prep time right down

So stay tuned by signing up to receive my posts and bring more joy to your ESL or EFL classroom, whether you are teaching preschool children, primary age or adults, because as a teacher you can make such a difference in the world if you go about teaching the right way.

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