Hello there teachers,

I just received this request from a teacher and I thought this made a really useful role-play to share with everyone:

“Thanks you very much for your games. They help me very much in my teaching. My students have been very excited.

Now I have difficulty in finding a way to give my students to the lesson of speaking. Can you suggest me some exciting activity? Here is the content of the lesson:

Plans to make life in a village better:
Widen the road
Build a medical center
Build a football ground
Grow cash crop
Build a bridge over the canal.
Build a new school

Possible results of the plan
Cars and lorries can get to the village
People’s health is looked after
Young people can play sport
People can have more money
People have a shorter way to city
Children have better learning condition

Students have to use “if clause” to talk about plan and result.”

My reply idea for this is to role-play a committee meeting, with a chairman, a treasurer and committee members. Each group should be only about 6 students to allow everyone a good chance to participate. Make a guess at the cost of carrying out each of the improvements mentioned above. Then allocate a total budget to the treasurer. This should be far less than the cost of carrying out all the improvements.

Students select two or three items from the above list that they will argue for at the role-play meeting. Students put forward their priorities and argue about what should be done first. The purpose of the meeting is to come up with a plan of action listing the improvements that will be made this year and those that will be made in the next few years.

You might want to modify the list to suit your own village, town or city. Other ideas are:
Work on encouraging tourism
Adopt a scheme to preserve the natural environment
Planting more trees and landscaping
Building more homes

If you use this idea with the place where your students currently live it will feel relevant to them and they might find it interesting so you will have to modify this at will and ask the students for their ideas before elaborating your list so you know what is important to them. Teenagers might be more interested in adding a nightclub and shops to the community than landscaping!!

Do try it out and let us all know how it goes, and what new ideas you can add!

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