Here’s a reply to Erna asking how to teach the weather and seasons to her group of nine year olds – she does not have my book of games:

OK the free games you are receiving can be used for ANY vocab, including weather and seasons.

I would use JUMP THE LINE to teach the words first – where you put up a line on the board and put some words to the left and some to the right – actually it’s much better to put up pictures or draw some rain, a cloud, some sun etc. Then you call out SUN and the children jump to the left or right, depending on whether the sun is on the left or the right of the line. When you see the children make a mistake come back to that word over and over Sun, cloud, Sun, cloud, sun, SUN!! – You say it fast – it’s a speedy game – that’s what makes it fun – you want to try and catch them jumping the wrong way. If you do it slowly it’s dull as ditch water! Gradually add in new pictures and words.

Then play RELAY RACE

Then you could play the Blanket Game where a child who is hiding stands on one of the weather pictures. (That’s the first free game that you received)

You can do some miming games where one group mimes a season and the others have to guess which season it is.

Play a match up game where kids with a type of weather have to find each other in class by saying their type of weather or a sentence like: I love sunny weather. All the children with that sentence have to find each other – but they cannot show their sentence to the others – it has to be done by speaking only.

And so on! Lots of ideas in my book if you can afford it of course.

All the best