Hello there teaching enthusiasts!

I received an email this week from a teacher asking me to knock out some short reading passage, each one with a grammar focus.

I replied that this would be a lot of work and that I’d have to know more about the class. So the teacher replied:
“Well, I thought it were easy to you to create passages or small readings involving some grammar focus”

Yes it would be easy for me to write things but actually reading passages
are done with a lot of thought with regard to the vocab the children
already know, what new vocab to include and the percentage of new words
compared to known ones, – it’s not just a question of knocking out a few

Then there is the question of topic – making the topic relevant and
interesting to the target audience and sounding NATURAL, and not like you
are just stuffing in some grammar into sentences.

So there is more to it than meets the eye.

Therefore instead of reinventing the wheel I recommend getting a good textbook that fits the age and level of your pupils and then use my language games to teach the vocab and grammar, and use the reading passages provided in the textbook for extra practise.

Kind regards