This post is on teaching two year olds and the fact is that it’s never too early to start learning a language.

I compiled a special report on teaching two year olds from interviewing 250 teachers.
Today I received this email message below from a customer who is just starting out with under twos. And she gave me this lovely idea. Thanks very much to her for the contribution.

You can see from reading her message below that it really is simple to teach two year olds. You just have to play along with them. You have to play at their level. The good news is that once you have found something they like, they just can’t get enough of it!

“I loved your tips on working with two-year-olds, and
already am seeing one of them (18-months now) often. He loves crawling on
the sofa behind me. When I start saying, “Where’s Saba? I don’t see him!”,
he gets very quiet and stays just behind my back. I pretend to look under
the table, in a big basket, etc while saying, “maybe he’s under the table”
etc. Finally, he makes a noise, and I say, “Ohhhh! I heard something behind
me. I look slowly (as though afraid) around and finally “see” and grab him.
He can play this over and over and over! He already understands “where”. He
also recognizes a few other English words (ball, car). And I play “where is”
with him with those objects too.”

All the best

PS For those of you starting out with teaching twos, or teaching your own children, the teaching twos report is included with my preschool stories on the site.