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Hello my dear enthusiastic teachers,

The Proof is in the Pudding!
Language games really do get your students talking, even the shy ones.

Rewards really do come to teachers who make the effort to teach in a way that appeals to their students, and not in a way that anaesthetizes them!!

Today I received an email which I like immensely because:

1. The teacher is using my free games rather than letting them sit in her inbox.

2. She immediately had good results

3. Suddenly all her students who were reluctant to speak were calling out sentences in English

4. And she added her own innovative and amusing twist to the game which I will share with you now.

This email is about the Blanket Game, which is the first free one in my series.
This teacher immediately used it and found it got her students talking enthusiastically right away.

Check out her short story here. There are mistakes in the English but I preferred to leave the email in it’s original form so you can see that it is really genuine.

Dear Shelly,
> Thank you for your free games. I have tried your game and it’s fun, both
> for me and the students. I’m teaching English to students aged 10 to
> 13. But here in Thailand our language is nothing
> similar to yours. So even the kids are big kids but they still don’t want
> to speak.

> As soon as I tried your blanket game, 5 out of 6 kids are happy
> shouting “What are you doing? What are you cooking?” (I have some cheap
> plastic toys for them to pretend cooking behind the blanket.) Of course,
> I sat among them and joined in the game and left the two chairs do the job
> of holding the blanket.

> We have cooked roasted lemon, boiled french fries,
> baked garlic, donut soup and many more funny food. Except only one
> thirteen-year-old girl that still kept quiet most of the time – perhaps
> she’s not that thrilled like younger kids.
> I have used tricks and rewards and everything I could think of since I
> started some years ago. I believe it’s the same technique (make them fun
> and love English) but your games safe me a lot of time preparing.”