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Dear Reader

If you are interested in staying up to date, dragging yourself into the twenty first century and avoiding becoming fossilised to your black board while you peer out at your students through a haze of chalk dusk that has settled on your glasses then I seriously recommend that you read my article on using technology in the ESL classroom and 21st century skills.

Now let me just say that firstly the article DOES specify what 21st century skills are. Secondly the important thing to realise is that all these skills can be applied and used from your yak tent on the Tibetan plateau, or your hill tribe village without so much as a plug for your laptop. In fact even if you are in a shanty town in Brazil where they have not been able to pirate electricity from the telegraph poles, you CAN still use these ideas – everybody can with some energy and imagination – be creative – life is a lot more fun!!


I hope it inpires you as it did me.

All the best

PS Fossilised with an s is British spelling.