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Dear Teachers,

Here is an ESL role-play idea from an imaginative and motivated teacher in France called Erie. The role-play is idea is simple and basic, but what is useful about the idea is how Erie handled the set up of this task so that his class of twenty children could:
1. manage it well from an ESL language point of view
2. manage it from a classroom management point of view

As those of you who follow my blog will know, I absolutely love role-play as a means of teaching English. It is something children enjoy doing naturally, for them it is fun, and it allows for optimum speaking practise for the whole class.

I have 26 plays and skits for use with primary children in small groups, and on my plays page you’ll find a free one, along with some nice pictures of the skits in action in schools.


So thanks Erie for sharing this great role-play idea with us today!

Yesterday, we talked about Thanksgiving and what the Pilgrims had on their dinner
table. To learn the children food-vocabulary we did a Restaurant play. With menus on
the table for the clients, the servers (one for each table of 4 clients) had the
same items on his ticket (with room behind each item to write down the name of the
client who ordered it), and a cook who had all the flashcards with the items on a
table. The instructions were for the server : “Hello, can I take your order please”,
for the clients ” Yes, I would like … and …. and ….” (but all the plates on
the same table had to be different). Once the server had the orders of his 4
clients, he had to go to the cook, and say (in English) what he needed for his
clients. He served each client the plates ordered and got paid. (5$ per person, and
the (printed) dollar bills were distributed along with the menus).
I let the most turbulent children play the role of servers, and those who have
difficulty in learning vocabulary the role of cook, it was amazing ! The servers did
a very good job, felt responsible et played the game as they should, and the “cook”
knew all the items at the end of the game. The children really loved the game.
For my older students – CM1/CM2 – I’ll be doing the same game, but with more food
and drink-items and a price (1 dollar) per item.