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Hello there dear readers,

A teacher just asked me where to buy ESL posters for vocabulary in the primary classroom. Save your money! It’s much more fun and effective to make your own ESL poster with the children as the term or year progresses.

Children may draw the required vocabulary items or search them out in magazines, cut them out and stick onto your posters – no paper? Use the sides of old cardboard boxes! I’m anti always buying things, especially plastic when it’s more creative to recycle. Buying a poster and sticking it on the wall is PASSIVE, while making one as a collective task is interactive, engaging and as a consequence kids (or adults) will remember words better.

More ideas for ESL posters:

1. Have one for each letter of the alphabet, perhaps combining the letters X, Y and Z as vocabulary words are rarer for those. As new vocabulary comes up in class children seek out or draw the items and add them to the relevant sheet

2. Use the vocabulary posters in games – plenty of my primary ESL games describe how to make use of ESL posters in any kind of classroom setting from small groups to large classes.

3. Adding a picture to a vocabulary poster could be a reward for good behaviour or work.

4. Who said posters have to be square or rectangular? Make them in the shape of the letter, giant size and stick the words all around the letters but not in the holes.

If you have other ideas for do it yourself ESL posters your comments are extremely welcome and appreciated. I’ll publish pictures of good ones if you would like that.

All the best