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Get inspired by these teachers using fun esl skits for kids. Short easy role plays ideal for children learning English. Have fun while you teach grammar and vocabulary, improve confidence and fluency using skits and role-plays for ESL! Also easy to translate and use for Spanish skits, French skits or any other language.

See how the children are enjoying themselves all the while becoming more fluent in their English, reinforcing vocabulary and grammar without even being aware of it. Certainly beats filling in worksheets or going to sleep over a textbook.

Look out for the amazing props in the Best Restaurant skit in Taiwan, those are made of styrofoam – full marks for creativity! On the other hand if time is short, check the same skit performed in Spain with virtually no props. It’s hard to say who is having a better time, the kids or the parents watching. Props add to the fun but you don’t need many or you distract the children too much from learning the language in the role play.