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This morning Vincki in China asked me how to teach make and let using vocabulary games, so here are a couple:

Introduce the verbs with flashcards that show these two verbs in use. For example:

A picture of a house could go with the sentence “This house is to let”

For make you might show a picture of a cake for make a cake.

A picture of a car could go with the question “Will you let me drive your car?”

Continue with different flashcards showing other meanings or examples of these words being used.

After showing these cards and explaining the meanings play some listening games where you repeat the sentences over and over and students respond.An easy example would be for students to make an appropriate action to go with each sentence.  When you say “Let’s make a cake” students start acting out making and cake and keep doing it until you say the next sentence.  Move fairly rapidly through the sentences, especially keep it moving fast with older students.

This is just one listening game, there are many in my teen/adult games book that are more mature in style.  However that seemingly silly listening and miming game gives students drilling to get the meanings into their brains, with the visual stimulaton of the picture combined with moving the body.  That stimulates three senses, hearing, seeing and movement so the student is FAR more likely to remember and use these words and sentences than if you just stand up at the front and talk about it.

Next you do a speaking game and you could adapt the rhyming challenge game that I sent by email if you have more advanced students. If you have beginners see further down for a different idea:


I want to let your house, it’s nice.
You can’t it’s full of mice !

Let me make you a cake.
And put it in the oven to bake.

Or give them some simple nouns such as car, pen, job, house, cake to make rhymes with using make or let in the sentence.

Car: Let me drive your car. No it’s too far.

Pen: Let me borrow your pen. No way Ben!

House: Will you let me live in your house? Not if you make me live with a mouse.

Cake: Will you make a cake? Yes if you buy me a rake.

Speaking Game idea for beginners:

Use Relay Race but pass down the flashcards you worked on earlier using the listening games and this time in the game the students say those sentences as they pass the cards down the line.


There are hundreds of games in my book but those two will get you started – try them out and let me know how it goes !

Here’s where you can get my book and it’s going to be on Amazon as a real book in a week from now too.


All the best

Shelley Ann Vernon, Teaching English Games