QUESTION: How can I manage a large classroom while using games and activities?

Do you have any tips on how to get a class off “on the right foot” from the very first day? How should I set the tone of authority that will enable me to use games and activities without losing control of the class? I am a flexible and generally very capable teacher, but I can appear too “gentle” and sometimes loud or aggressive students can intimidate me. I would appreciate any advice you can offer me concerning discipline in a large classroom with students of various abilities and mother tongues.

ANSWER:Check this site, I believe it’s key, especially with the teen age group – taking time outside of class to chat to the students and ask them about themselves informally shows them you are interested in them:

From day one you need to be yourself, and be firm. Before you start classes find out from the head and from the other teachers what options you have for dealing with difficult students, ask if there are any to watch out for and how other teachers deal with them. If possible see if any of the teachers will let you observe a class where there are difficult kids.

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