Hello ESL teachers,

Check out this fun way to teach adverbs.
It’s good for the imagination.  One team act out playing football slowly or quickly, or thoughtfully, and the other team guess which adverb it is.

The team guessing know the topic being acted out, such as playing football, cooking, or getting dressed, so students only have to guess the adverb (how it’s done) not the activity.

I suggest having a selection of adverbs to choose from display on the board as a prompt.

Play this with two teams, one team guessing while the entire second team act.  Or play this in pairs, small groups or with various teams depending on your class size.  Note that acting in a group is more reassuring than acting alone so shy students will find it easier to participate.  Note also the advantage of having an entire team acting rather than an individual since more students are actively involved, and the more they are involved, the more they will learn.Students can be a bit shy at first so give them something easy to start with.

If you try this idea let me know via the blog comments how it goes and whether you had fun teaching adverbs with your class!

PS This idea is taken from my fun teaching book here:
It’s in paperback on Amazon too – look for books in English by Shelley Ann Vernon.