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Types of Learning Style There are three main types of learning style: auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic.  Our Teaching English Games seek to incorporate aspects of all three learning styles, so that your students, who will all learn in different ways, can each see the benefit from your lessons.  Whilst each learning style uses different aspects of learning, they all interplay with each other so your kinaesthetic students will learn from an auditory exercise, and your visual students can learn from a kinaesthetic exercise. There are further aspects to consider, such as do your students work better performing solitary exercises or group exercises, but let’s start with a brief run-through of the three main learning styles:

  • Auditory learners: These students learn by listening and hearing, rather than reading.  You may find that they move their lips when they are reading, or even sound the words out loud.  Auditory learners may struggle in a noisy environment, but could benefit from a class exercises such where students recite.
  • Visual learners: Visual learners love graphics, diagrams, drawings and pictures- you can spot a visual learner as you may find them drawing pictures alongside their notes to help them remember the lesson.  For a visual learner, why not try Flashcards.
  • Kinaesthetic learners:  “Hands on” is the way to go with these students- they will love our ESL Plays which involve moving around and making shapes or gestures.  Sitting still might prove difficult for them, so why not ask them to stand up or walk around while they’re reading?

Although these are the three main styles, students rarely fall into just one category, and it is actually beneficial if they are able to learn in all three ways.  There are further aspects to consider, such as do your students work better performing solitary exercises or group exercises?  These Special Stories appeal to both solitary and group learners as reading through the text alone before completing a quiz as a group can ensure that both types of learner are included in the exercise, reducing the chances of one student being left behind in calss. Our 176 English Language Games for Children has been designed to incorporate quizzes and games that will appeal to all three types of learning style, making your lessons fun, appealing and effective to all your students! Find the majority of our resources here.