A recently qualified TEFL teacher wrote to me this morning feeling totally overwhelmed at the prospect of getting together a year’s worth of lessons for his new classes

“Must say I find the prospect of teaching daunting but very exciting.  I just want to give it everything and get it right for the students.”

Here is my reassuring reply…

I can understand you feel daunted and I know exactly what you are going through!  However if you take it one lesson at a time that will make the task much easier.  After all you have all year to get a year’s lessons together.  You don’t have to have the lesson for June planned in May!  And not only that, it’s best not to in some ways, since you are able to tailor each lesson as you go along depending on the pupil’s needs.

You asked me what resources you could acquire to have a year’s worth of lessons. Here is an economical way to achieve that with MINIMUM preparation time for you.  One advantage of the ones I’m recommending to you is that your pupils do not need to buy anything. You don’t need to get the textbook, the workbook, the fun book, the audio and the teacher’s book and make dozens of photocopies every week. If you have children one on one or in small groups then here are curriculums I have:

1. 3-6 – sets of stories with lesson plans and songs.  Just follow it.

2. 6-10 sets of stories with lesson plans and songs and plays and skits.
Use with one to one games book or group games book depending on how many you have.

Email me directly for links, letting me know about your pupils so I can send samples of what you need: info@teachingenglishgames.com

For teens and adults I only have a games book that livens up any textbook.  So for any groups or pupils like that I recommend that you get a text book like Headway and follow it with the pupil or group but make lessons better, more fun and more effective by using at LEAST one of my games from the teen/adult games book which you tailor to teach whatever is in the unit.

When I started I spent HOURS making up lessons, my hourly rate must have been pathetic when I think about all the prep time.  But with the above method – especially if you follow the stories and skits, then your work is mainly done.

At first it takes time getting flashcards ready (they are included but you print them) and reading up on games, but once you know a few games you are basically well underway.

Email me for links and more info: info@teachingenglishgames.com

All the best
Shelley Ann Vernon