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Whatever stage of your teaching career, be it ten years in the same school, to just starting out and moving abroad – everyone has thought: Am I a good teacher?

But have you ever thought to ask your class: ‘What kind of teacher do you want?’

This is a good starting point for a new beginning, and a fresh approach to how you teach. My experience has also been that I was bored at school, and that is the reason for starting ‘Teaching English Games’. Behind every carefully thought out game, literature, song or flashcard I have always though about the student first. What can they learn from this, are they enjoying themselves, does it feel fun!?

The teacher and student relationship is a diverse one, they trust you to help them be the best they can be. Learn from your life experiences, and grow under your guidance. So if you class stops listening, or fidgets, or is dismissive take a break and do something fun to engage your class and make them see that you are human too. We often make the mistake of asking for too much, and being your students role model it can be daunting to live up to. Show them you can have fun too, laugh and smile and take some of the stress off. Learn while having fun!