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At two children will not be interested in concepts such as days of the week, or even numbers and colours or the alphabet, as these are too abstract.   Animals, shopping, dressing up and THINGS are generally better.  That said there are good ideas for the alphabet, numbers and colours below.


New words are best introduced with real objects first.  If you show flashcards of vocabulary tape the pictures to the real objects the first few times you work with those words until you know the children understand them and have made the link between the picture and the real object.


Use materials like ‘play dough’.  At this age children cannot draw, but they love to squish!!  Tell stories where you pass round an item…an orange, a ball, a battery powered drill (without the drill bit or battery), or anything that has an interest of its own, i.e. can be bounced, eaten, sniffed, heard, felt or tasted.  Make noises and bring in items that make noises, jars, shakers, tins and so on.  Use music, movement and dance.  Use simple language and repeat it over and over.

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