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English is not easy! As fluent English speakers it’s easy to forget, that for some English is full of foreign sounds that are hard to remember. Just because the teacher says a word doesn’t mean the students will remember it five minutes later. Nope, your students aren’t stupid, it’s actually really hard to take on board totally new things and retain them.

To remind yourself of the learning process try watching a video in another language that is not related to yours such as Russian, Chinese or Arabic and listen to a sentence a couple of times. As a test try to repeat it and see if you can remember it five minutes later!  You will begin to get the idea of the challenge in hand for your young learners.

Read on for two steps to help your students learn successfully…

First Step

The first step in teaching new words is for pupils to hear and understand them. Individual vocabulary words is a good place to start when faced with ESL beginners from the ages of 6 or 7, think of these words as the building blocks of your lesson and once six new words have been learned straight away teach them the words again in a short phrase or question to help the students put the words into context. For example if you teach the colours red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple and brown, follow up in the next lesson with the sentence “I like red.”  If you teach body parts use them in a sentence such as: “My arm hurts.”  By teaching phrases, sentences and questions you are teaching the English language, not just isolated English words and that is the key to success.

Step Two

Repetition is the mother of skill, and your young learners will need to hear it over, and over again.  However if you go around the class one by one having each child repeat the word you say very soon everyone will be bored and each child will have said the word only once, which is not enough for it to be integrated.  You need to use drills for repetition and the way to do this and make it fun is to use English language games such as those in 176 English Language Games for Children (ISBN 1475255586) in paperback, Kindle and PDF.

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