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Do you know of any available resources on the web to evaluate my students? Ideally, the evaluation tests should cover grammar / usage, writing and listening and be suitable for all levels.
There are plenty of free evaluation tests on line but most of them do not let you see the answers, they only give you the score.  I found one that does give you the answers as well as the score one with 25 questions and two different tests, one for adults and one for 11+.  It covers grammar, vocabulary and usage and is in a multiple choice format.
ESL test
On completion of the questions you are given your score. To review the answers scroll down the same page and at the bottom of that page, below the list of recommended exams is a button “Review your answers” and there you see the answer sheet marked with ticks or crosses.
This particular test is from Cambridge English website, click here to find out more.
This next evaluation page times you, gives your overall level and emails you the results for the multiple choice.
There is also a listening test gives you your level but you can’t see the results, only the score.  It’s still good practise though and when you reload the page you get a fresh test.  Therefore for marking purposes you won’t be able to go over results with the class unless you note them down yourself when you do the test.  I would suggest that with this listening evaluation you content yourself with collecting the scores only.
English test for children, teens and adults
Quick test!
These two take ten minutes each or less.
For writing prepare a written test for them with a combination of:
– gap fills that cover grammar, vocabulary or usage you have been teaching,
– questions requring a specific answer to test tenses, vocabulary, spelling and full sentence formation and
– open ended questions requiring a creative answer.
For example:
– I _____ up at eight o’clock.
– When were you last seen by your doctor?  Answer: I was last seen by my doctor on Tuesday / in July.
– What would be your ideal job and why?
For ideas to make your lessons more fun and motivate your students more so they do better check out Fun ESL activities for teens and adults in PDF and on Amazon.