Some teachers worry that if they speak English all the time during lessons it will alienate pupils.  That can be true but it all depends on how you go about it.  Here’s a cute way of introducing ‘English only’ into the classroom.

Esther Cannard shared this with me today:

“I found this trick that I’d like to share with you, as it could help other non-native English teachers : at the beginning of all English classes, I receive a (fake!) phone call, from my sister Jessi who lives in the US. I excuse myself to the students, go outside (but keep the door open!), say some phrases such as “Hello Jessi! How are you! Good! I’m at school, talk to you later. Love you, bye!”, then I come back in class and….the phone call was magic and I can now only speak in English, until she calls me back at the end of the lesson! (The first time I did some acting, I started speaking to the students very fast in English and faked being surprised that I couldn’t speak French anymore.) It works super well, even with the older students, and when I don’t do it they ask for the phone call!! With the younger ones, they really believed it at the beginning and were even wondering what would happen if my sister forgets to call me back at the end of the lesson, or if my phone runs out of battery..would I be stuck speaking English all day??”

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All the best