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I took a passenger using a car sharing scheme this weekend.  My passenger was a teacher and we discussed classroom discipline at length during our journey together.  Unbelievably this important topic is completely ignored at many teacher training institutions.  This other teacher trained in France and when the trainers were asked what a teacher should do if pupils stood on their desks, the trainers were unable to give any indication or reply whatsoever. Theory is all very well, but teachers need practical know-how too.
Here is a neat idea of how to manage your students behaviour.
Behaviour charts
My teacher is strict and keeps a chart with colours and points that is on display permanently in the classroom.  The chart acts as a constant reminder that their behaviour is being evaluated.  Children can see how they are doing and the chart motivates them.
This teacher uses a traffic light system.  Green is good, orange is a  warning and red is bad. Children who are good take home a full picture of a traffic light at the end of the week.
Children who are naughty take home half a picture, or less.  Green is torn off or they have three black marks. If their behaviour gets worse then their name is scratched off the chart for the week and the student doesn’t take home a picture.
Does it work?
She says it works really well and she manages her kids while other teachers don’t manage their classes at all because they refuse to punish children. Consequently those teachers have more kids who have to resit the year than she does.
The teacher also told me that she asks the parents to come into school and tells them that she can’t do anything further for the child who is being very naughty. The parents usually cooperate and help by punishing the child at home by taking away their computer time for example.  The teacher has found that often there is a problem at home too but by getting the family involved they can find a solution to the naughty child’s behaviour and improves the whole classes learning experience.
Let me know if you try the traffic light system or have another way of dealing with bad behaviour in class.
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