Teaching letters of the alphabet

For help teaching letters see this quick post.  It gives ideas for b and d specifically but those ideas apply to all letters.  You need repetition and variety, not just endless copy and trace (though copy and trace are useful too).


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Teaching Toddlers English around a Castle theme

Hello readers,

My new blog post on how to teach English to toddlers using the idea of castles is up at https://www.teachingenglishgames.com/teaching-english-toddlers

A teacher asked me if I had any materials with castles, or cartoons, to teach toddlers English. I don’t have any! But I came up with some ideas that don’t need anything fancy, and will engage the toddlers’ imaginations while they learn English.

Enjoy the post and leave me any comments, I’ll be sure to reply.

Christmas Story for Children

Hello there,

Christmas is coming and the end of term is soon!

For something fun and cultural check out my new blog post on a Christmas story for children.

Christmas Story for Children

It’s not free, so if you only want free stuff let me save you time.  But it’s only 4,97 for a fantastic package of:

  • Story with colour illustrations
  • 2 levels of text
  • Lesson plan full of games to learn Christmas vocabulay
  • Picture flashcards in three sizes, in colour, and in black and white
  • Christmas cracker craft
  • And more things, like Christmas bingo and colouring.

Christmas Story for Children